Managed HIPAA Compliant Hosting Solution—The Answer to Your Critical Data Issues

Posted by Chris Isham on Jun 23, 2016 10:00:00 AM

Companies of all sizes are choosing to outsource their IT services for many reasons. First and foremost, a HIPAA compliant hosting solution comes complete with the advanced technical knowledge and expertise needed to design and manage a complicated IT environment. Secondly, a HIPAA compliant hosting solution offers you the advantages of scalability to address changing business requirements and regulations. 

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How To Be Proactive When Vetting Your HIPAA Hosting Company

Posted by Chris Isham on Jun 21, 2016 9:30:00 AM

With the never-ending coverage of data breaches occurring today, protecting your confidential patient health information is most likely your top IT goal. You need to place a certain amount of trust and confidence in your HIPAA hosting company’s ability to meet HIPAA compliance requirements. But that doesn’t leave you off the hook for proactively performing the due diligence necessary to ensure compliance. 

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HIPAA Compliant Server Hosting

Posted by Chris Isham on Jun 16, 2016 10:00:00 AM

If you need to comply with HIPAA/HITECH regulations, a HIPAA compliant server hosting solution will help you meet compliance mandates if it fulfills the following 6 requirements. 

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HIPAA Compliant Cloud Myth: Any Cloud Provider Will Do

Posted by Chris Isham on Jun 14, 2016 10:00:00 AM

Cloud providers proliferate the market, so what’s a company to do to choose the right solution, especially in light of HIPAA compliance. The task might seem daunting, but this article will help you weed out the misconceptions about HIPAA compliant cloud providers. Since healthcare is a fast-paced industry that is growing rapidly, finding a HIPAA compliant cloud solution that adds to, rather than detracts from, patient care is critical. 

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Contingency Plans for HIPAA Compliance—Your Responsibility

Posted by Chris Isham on Jun 9, 2016 10:30:00 AM

You must have a contingency plan in place that governs backup and restore procedures, disaster recovery, and emergency mode operation. But did you know that these contingency plans needs to be periodically tested and revised based on findings? 

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One Little Known Benefit for HIPAA Compliant Database Administrators

Posted by Chris Isham on Jun 7, 2016 9:30:00 AM

One_Little_Known_Benefit_220832956.jpgDatabase professionals face many challenges when striving to achieve HIPAA compliance with their databases. The key to compliance with the HIPAA Security Rule resides in its language: you should implement “reasonable and appropriate” measures. Your risk assessment should identify possible security actions with these two words in mind. 

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Compliant Hosting Treatise for Healthcare and Life Sciences Companies

Posted by Chris Isham on Jun 1, 2016 10:48:00 AM

Are you aware that traditional, locally-controlled data storage systems are more at risk of breach than a solution in the cloud? If this sounds surprising to you, you’ll want to read a new e-Book entitled HIPAA Compliance in The Cloud: The Complete Solution for Compliant Cloud Hosting. 

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What’s Needed in a HIPAA Compliant Data Center

Posted by Chris Isham on May 26, 2016 10:45:00 AM

Whats_Needed_in_a_HIPAA_Compliant_Data_Center_220851667.jpgMost, if not all, data centers have covered the physical and technical safeguards required under HIPAA regulations. However, most data centers, both commercial and private, fail to properly implement the administrative safeguards specified in 45 CFR 164.308, even though they comprise over half of the HIPAA security requirements. 

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Finding HIPAA Compliant Cloud Hosting: Where to Start

Posted by Chris Isham on May 24, 2016 10:41:00 AM

There are many reasons to outsource your Infrastructure to a HIPAA compliant cloud hosting provider, not the least of which is the advanced knowledge and skills you’ll find and the easy scalability to quickly adapt to changing market and business needs. Assuming you’ve already made the decision to outsource, let’s talk about where you should start to find one. 

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Leveraging Compliant Hosting for Data Integrity

Posted by Rebecca Santorios on May 23, 2016 9:41:00 AM

ByteGrid’s GxP and HIPAA compliant hosting was designed to help health & life science companies enjoy the benefits of cloud computing without putting their products at risk.  Our focus is to ensure the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of our customers’ data, and we subject our systems to rigorous validation to mitigate risks to data in the cloud.

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