Colocation & Energy Efficiency Programs in the Data Center

Posted by Bill Winsininski on October 7, 2015

This year at the Energy Efficiency Expo in Chicago over 700 attendees participated. Guests had the opportunity to select among 16 educational sessions, network with their peers and explore the latest energy efficiency technologies in the Expo Hall.  The tag line for 2015’s event was “Innovation and Action” and the topics were broken into 4 tracks:

  • Connectivity & Big Data,
  • Technologies & Solutions,
  • Energy Efficiency & Buildings
  • Policies & Strategies.

I had the honor to represent BYTEGRID on the Data Center Efficiency Panel which was moderated by Dan Comperchio from Willdan Energy Solutions.  Also on the panel were my colleagues Charles Grosbier (Digital Realty Trust) and William Gast (Centurylink). 

Being the only non-engineer on the panel, or perhaps at the entire Expo, my role was to explain how the ComEd Closet-to-Colocation Program could help customers realize energy efficiency by moving from their existing in-sourced data center to a multi-tenant collocation facility like BYTEGRID.    We discussed how customers of all sizes can save money and reduce their energy use by moving to a collocation data center. 

Moving a data center is a pain.  In my experience most organizations need to experience a compelling event to even entertain lifting and shifting their mission critical data center infrastructure.  There is nothing new in business today that does not involve technology; however in a lot of cases the infrastructure that runs this business mission critical technology is relegated to an inhospitable area at their headquarters.  The ComEd program Closets-to-Colocation is designed to help these companies realize how inefficient they are today and how efficient they can be tomorrow.  ComEd will reward these companies with a rebate which is a $.05 for every kWh saved the first year!  

The big takeaway from our panel discussion was - Colocation data center facilities can run your mission critical infrastructure because that is their core competency.  Get back to being a Health group, Insurance Company, or Manufacturing Facility, whatever your business may be.  Before you have that “compelling event” which could be catastrophic- let us come in assess your facility, move your infrastructure and pay you to do it.   Everyone wins.