Data Center Colocation Services Checklist

Posted by Chris Isham on Dec 30, 2016 4:37:27 PM

COLOCATION SERVICES CHECKLIST.jpgIf you’re considering migrating your in-house data center to a colocation services provider, you’ll need a handy checklist to ensure you choose the best provider.

First, go through the following list and score the features by their importance to you on a scale of 1 to 10. This will help you evaluate data center colocation services providers who meet or exceed all of your requirements.

  1. Physical location. What regions are the data centers located in?
  2. Redundant power. Look for at least N+2.
  3. Power density.
  4. Efficient cooling.
  5. Access to location. Is it easy to get to and are there; hotels and an airport nearby?
  6. Office space. Do they provide space to work, conference rooms, and Wi-Fi?
  7. Loading dock and storage.
  8. Experienced and skilled staff. What is their engineering experience?
  9. Response time. Is it in minutes or hours?
  10. Do they provide a signed SLA?
  11. Maintenance and testing. Can they show you a schedule of routine maintenance and testing?
  12. Monitoring tools. How do they manage and monitor the facility?
  13. Bandwidth availability.
  14. Disaster Recovery. Ask for their Disaster Recovery Plan.
  15. Physical security. Is there strict access control and surveillance cameras?
  16. Is there adequate space for expansion?

The next thing you need is ByteGrid’s new Regulatory Roadmap if your business is regulated by any governmental or industry standards. The data center colocation services provider you choose will need to be compliant in several areas also, and this handy cheat sheet will help you determine who can best meet or exceed the standards and regulations.

Download your copy today at Whether you’re migrating to a data center colocation or you just want to evaluate your current provider, you need the Regulatory Roadmap to determine exactly what you need for a fully compliant solution.

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