Do We Really Need Compliant Hosting?

Posted by ByteGrid Admin on February 4, 2016

DWRNATS_1-01.jpgByteGrid is the premier compliant hosting provider, and the first data center to achieve EHNAC accreditation.  There’s a lot that goes into compliant hosting, and few, if any, other providers have put everything in place like we have.

Recently, a friend of mine in the medical device industry was searching for a cloud provider, and found herself caught in the middle of a heated argument about quality systems and their applicability to IT infrastructure.  On the one side was an IT manager who maintained that as long as you had the right hardware and software, you didn’t need things like a documented quality management system or a systems validation process.  A colleague of mine was on the other side, passionately defending her approach. 

Ultimately, my friend went with the compliant hosting option, but I’m happy to break this argument down for you here to show you why.

The short response is simply this:  Without a well-managed quality system in place, a cloud hosting provider has no mechanism to ensure that they’re capable of meeting their customer’s requirements.  Try it for yourself & see:  Make a short checklist of requirements; include security, capacity, change control…whatever you know is important for your industry.  Now ask for documented evidence that the provider can meet all of those requirements.  Without a compliant quality system in place, you’ll find that you just have to take the provider’s word for it.  Is that good enough for you?  Will it be good enough for your customers or the regulatory agencies to whom you must answer?

We’ve achieved accreditation for compliance with HIPAA regulations (EHNAC), & SOC 2 Type II.  Every audit addresses its own criteria and requirements, but one thing is always true:  You won’t be certified without documented evidence that you’re satisfying the applicable requirements.

At ByteGrid, we offer measurable proof of compliance.  You can schedule an audit with us and see for yourself.  We don’t expect you to take us at our word, and in fact we want you to come get the evidence you need.  Every audit makes us stronger.

Take a look at our regulatory roadmap.  We’ve been through rigorous audits against every one of the standards and regulations listed.  We have documented evidence of compliance for each of these, and the certifications to prove it.  You can check out our certs, but why not see for yourself what we do? 

How can providers without a comprehensive quality system respond to audits like these?  If you’ve worked in this industry for any length of time, then you know that you can get someone to tell you that they’re doing something, but without robust quality systems in place, it won’t get done consistently.  Take a second to think about it yourself.

Partnering with ByteGrid strengthens your compliance position.  Our quality systems support yours, demonstrating your organization’s commitment to maintaining a culture of quality.  Contact us today to get your systems in our compliant data centers.