Does My Business Need Compliant HIPAA Hosting and How Do We Get It?

Posted by George Sturgis on January 7, 2016

Regulated companies face an additional layer of IT complexity which itself requires specialized knowledge and dedicated staff to manage, in addition to the challenges of changing technology and increasingly sophisticated security threats that all companies face. Compliant HIPAA hosting offers the all of the benefits that many businesses are already recognizing in managed hosting solutions, with the additional robustness and expertise necessary to ensure full compliance with HIPAA requirements.

Who needs compliant HIPAA hosting?

If your business handles electronic Personal Health Information (ePHI), you likely are subject to HIPAA regulations. This includes not only covered entities, like healthcare providers, but also any of their business associates that handle ePHI, like insurance companies, health information organizations, billing companies, personal health record vendors. The HIPAA Omnibus Rule expands the definition of business associates, and increases the fines for non-compliance, making it more critical than ever to understand and comply with these rules. Adding these tasks to existing IT responsibilities can quickly become overwhelming.

What are the benefits?

Unless your company already has in-house regulatory experts with a strong working knowledge of IT systems, compliant HIPAA hosting offers a time-and cost-effective option for achieving compliance while keeping business critical systems up and running.

One of the biggest drivers behind the move toward managed hosting is that it offers a way for businesses to apply the right expertise to implement, manage and maintain increasingly complex, critical information systems, without breaking the budget. The additional education, experience, and man-hours necessary to understand and meet HIPAA requirements is another reason many businesses are transitioning to third party solutions.

Compliant HIPAA hosting offers:

  • Protection: A compliant HIPAA hosting provider provides assurance that your data is secure and that your system can withstand an audit
  • Simplicity: Your provider is responsible for managing system hardware, software, network performance, security and upgrades
  • Reliability: Managed hosting providers should provide you with guaranteed availability, backup and disaster recovery procedures
  • Efficiency: Because compliant HIPAA hosting is their full-time focus, the right partner can manage your system using fewer resources than an in-house solution, and respond more quickly to changing technology, emerging threats, and new regulations

How do I get compliant HIPAA hosting?

First, you need to identify the right partner. There are a lot of managed hosting companies out there, but few with the expertise to navigate the regulatory landscape. As you compare providers, look for proven performance, and specialization in HIPAA compliance. ByteGrid' validated, HIPAA qualified datacenter ensures superior reliability and security, proven through annual third party audits.

Robust hardware, software and security systems are a must, but there are other requirements to consider, too. You'll need a company that already has a mature quality system in place and understands the needs of their regulated clients. Your partner should have a dedicated compliance team to help prepare everything you need to ensure that your system adheres to the most current HIPAA requirements.

ByteGrid' expert technical and regulatory staff can start working with you right away to implement your compliant HIPAA hosting system. Let us manage the complexity and let you focus on managing your business.