Eight Things Small Businesses Need to Know About HIPAA Hosting

Posted by George Sturgis on January 7, 2016

Small businesses have been hit with serious fines for HIPAA violations, and with the 2013 Omnibus rule raising the maximum penalty and expanding the definitions of what constitutes a breach, its more important than ever for covered entities of every size to make sure they have the right systems to stay compliant. Protecting electronic data can require substantial resources - to implement and maintain the system, and to make sure that it is fully compliant. Businesses of every size are recognizing the value of selecting a third party for managing their regulated information systems. Keep the points below in mind when considering a HIPAA hosting company.

Make sure the company has a solid compliance background

There are a host of providers offering managed hosting solutions to practically every business sector, but covered entities need to make sure that their provider can stand up to an audit. Because they are responsible for managing electronic PHI, your hosting provider is a covered entity, too. A history of HIPAA hosting service free from compliance violations is one of the strongest indicators that a company understands the regulations and is capable of consistently complying with them. ByteGrid has been offering compliant solutions for businesses of all sizes since 1999, and their systems have repeatedly withstood annual third-party audits.

Look for robust security controls

Your provider needs to put in the hard work to make sure that their safety measures are robust, and that they stay that way in the face of changing technology. Make sure that there are measures in place to prevent physical threats, as well as a private firewall, antivirus protection, data encryption and data access controls. Your hosting provider should be able to tell you what safeguards they have in place, and how they've used these to respond to customers' risk analyses. ByteGrid has a robust Quality Management system in place comprised of over 40 policies, procedures and forms and fully traces to all that is required by HIPAA HITECH. Further, all employees have a customized training plan for their particular job description.

Auditors looking at more than a HIPAA hosting provider's hardware and software

You need a BAA with your solution provider, and they need to have the required policies and procedures in place to protect PHI.

ByteGrid offers more than just technically robust systems; they also have the administrative controls to achieve compliance - things like a mature quality system and a dedicated compliance staff to make sure the system stays complaint and help you avoid hefty fines. ByteGrid' compliance systems are what really set us apart from our competitors.

Base your solution on your risk assessment

Your HIPAA hosting provider must have the right technical controls you need to protect your data. ByteGrid offers a range of solutions to make sure that you have the right system for your business - the one that controls your high-risk threats to PHI. Our experienced, certified compliance team can also help you prepare and complete the risk assessment required by HIPAA.

Data must be there when you need it to be and gone when you need it to be

HIPAA regulations require covered entities to supply electronic copies of records within 30 days of notice. The regulations also require covered entities to address disposal of data when it is removed from a server, to avoid accidental disclosure of PHI.

Coupled with their robust platforms, ByteGrid has developed in-house policies and procedures to fully support data management over the entire data life cycle.

Your solution needs to be reliable

HIPAA hosting failures can result in business losses and an inability to respond to audit requests to demonstrate compliance. ByteGrid is committed to providing best in class service, and offers a Service Level Agreement that guarantees 99.99% uptime.

Your solution needs to be flexible

As your business changes, your HIPAA hosting solution needs to be able to quickly respond to those changes. ByteGrid offers scalable solutions that can respond to changes in your business needs.

Third Party Hosting can reduce your vulnerability

Choosing the right partner for HIPAA hosting puts information system management where it belongs - in the hands of dedicated experts. ByteGrid' experienced technical staff and certified compliance team are 100% focused on ensuring that their HIPAA hosting solutions are state-of-the-art and meet all current HIPAA regulatory requirements. ByteGrid can partner with you to give you the right sized solution for your business and ensure your customers' data is protected.

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