Experienced, Expert Operations and Engineering Key Maximum Data Center Uptime

Posted by Eric Daniels on September 4, 2015

ByteGrid’s compliance-grade data centers have been specifically designed and engineered for resilience, redundancy, and high-availability. Importantly, the company has a staff to match the quality of their facilities. Many data center providers have inexperienced “techs” handling core duties of your data center operations. At ByteGrid, we understand the quality of your employees is of equal importance to the quality of your engineering when it comes to your data center operations.

As an example, let’s consider the tenure and expertise of ByteGrid’s operations staff in the company’s Silver Spring, Maryland data center. The average engineer and operations staff member has over 8 years of experience in the facility. This team works under strong management, with the facilities chief having over 20 years in the facility. Engineers are certified by the state of Maryland/and or Washington DC.

In addition to experience and qualifications, the processes and procedures of the data center are well above industry norms. Multiple engineers are on duty around the clock, and they are cross-trained on all aspects of the mechanical and engineering systems in the facility. The maintenance and testing protocols utilized by BYTEGRID far exceed the manufacturer’s standards and data center industry norms, and testing and maintenance taking place two to three times what is regular in the data center industry is the norm.

At ByteGrid, we understand that your data center is an absolute core component of your ability to serve your customers and achieve your business and operational goals. We employ many of the best critical systems professionals in the business. The result is the same expert, experienced, quality-obsessed staff that you would hire on your own.