From the Cloud - Going Forward with Backup

Posted by Chris Isham on January 7, 2016

Sidus Cloud Hosting While many in the hosting industry are still wed to cumbersome and tape based systems for their disaster recovery plan, ByteGrid has taken a different route. Understanding that for most dedicated server and colocation clients, unless they need to meet certain compliance guidelines like HIPPA or SARBOX, managed disk-base server image backup is the far superior route for rapid data recovery. Tape systems should be used only in the role of long term data archiving.

Consider this scenario that recently occurred to a moderately sized e-commerce client of Sidus Data:

Tom’s Online Widgets and More is no, but does a fairly brisk business of 85 orders per hour with an average ticket of $35 per order. This means on average, Tom pulls in $2975 per hour in widgets sold off of his eCommerce dedicated server. Additionally, Tom’s orders are split into 60 orders from new shoppers and 25 from returning shoppers. 

Tom’s server crashed due to a corruption of the file system.

In a traditional Tape + Incremental backup scenario, Tom’s would have had experienced six hours of downtime. This time is required to reinstall the operating system on the server, configure it and retrieve the data off of the tape system.

For Tom, this means $17,850 in lost revenue, 510 widgets that were destined for a new home are still sitting on the shelves and 360 committed new customers as well as 150 loyal repeat customers have been turned away with money in hand.

Luckily, it didn’t turn out this way!

By utilizing ByteGrid’s Acronis True Image backup program backed up onto our disk-based SAN, Sidus engineers were able to restore Tom’s online store within 30 minutes of the failure. Our Image-based backup negated any need to reinstall server operating systems and applications, and the rapid accessibility of Tom’s data on our Storage Array Network allowed us to recover his server image in mere minutes.

For Tom, this means that he saved $16362.50 in lost revenue and earned the business of 468 shoppers. The best part is the amount of money saved in this one incident paid for Tom’s ByteGrid provided managed backup solution for nine years…That’s a lot of widgets!