Healthcare Data Migration Risks and Strategies

Posted by Rebecca Santorios on January 7, 2016

Don't let data migration concerns stop you from making the move to the robust, secure solution that HIPAA compliant cloud hosting offers. By taking the right steps, and partnering with an experienced hosting provider, you can make sure that your data migration is efficient, secure and successful.

Planning is Key

A solid migration plan greatly reduces data migration risks. Some effort in advance can make the difference between a smooth, successful migration and a costly failure. An experienced HIPAA hosting provider can help you address all of the things you'll need to consider in your data migration plan.


A well thought out plan will minimize the impact that data migration will have on your business. Schedule your activities to avoid affecting critical operations, and determine how you'll keep data accessible during the changeover period. With proper planning, you'll avoid slippage, too.


You'll need to ensure that your new system can handle all of your source data and has sufficient storage space for your anticipated future needs. This is much easier if you're migrating to a compliant cloud, since cloud-based systems can scale up quickly, based on demand.


Determine what tools you'll use, and how you'll prepare your target and source systems for the migration. You'll need to define how your source data will be mapped to the new data structure. Also be sure to consider how inconsistencies in your source data will be handled – things like missing data, duplicate records, and data in the wrong fields. Your HIPAA compliant hosting provider can develop the right migration strategy to ensure data integrity and keep your data protected throughout the process.


Make sure that you have adequate backups prior to migration, and that they restore correctly. Your hosting provider can help manage your backup process to make sure that you have what you need before data transfer begins.


Testing should be mandatory after a migration, to make sure that everything is working correctly with your new system. Verification planning will make sure that this last phase progresses smoothly and covers everything that it needs to in order to give you the highest level of assurance that you've maintained data integrity.

The right provider makes it easy

An experienced cloud hosting provider understands the risks of data migration and how to mitigate them. ByteGridhas everything required to ensure your data migration is successful.


We have years of experience successfully migrating healthcare data systems to our HIPAA compliant cloud. We're successful because we know how to plan and control the data migration process to avoid potential pitfalls.


We have robust automated tools to help migrate our clients' data quickly and safely, and we know how to identify what's right for you.


Our technical and compliance staff have executed data migration for systems of all sizes, all within stringent regulatory requirements.


ByteGrid is the leader in HIPAA compliant cloud hosting. Our successful track record assures you that we are the leader in compliant IT solutions, with all of the process in place to make your move the best possible.

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