HIPAA Audits are Coming

Posted by ByteGrid Admin on November 6, 2015

Always audit-ready, ByteGrid's HIPAA compliant hosting solutions help protect you from security failures and expensive legal actions.  Our datacenters are EHNAC accredited, which means we’ve proven that we’re doing it right – not just once, for a brief third-party audit, but over time, under intense scrutiny.

In two reports released September 2015, the Office of the Inspector General concluded that the HHS needed to conduct more investigations and carry out more audits.  That same month, the Director of OCR announced that OCR is close to launching the next phase of its HIPAA audit program.  OCR has contracted with a service provider to help carry out HIPAA audits.  While the dates haven’t yet been released, it’s safe to say preparations are under way.

This means that companies handling PHI need to make sure they’re ready to come under close examination.  EHNAC accredited HIPAA compliant hosting is one of the fastest ways to make sure that you can survive an audit.  Furthermore, it help minimize the damage in the event you do suffer a breach.  This is even more important if the OCR starts digging in to even small scale reportable privacy violations.

HIPAA compliant hosting is fundamental to HIPAA compliance in modern information systems including PHI.  An EHNAC accredited datacenter helps prevent breaches, enforcing encryption in storage and in transit - the fundamental component of HIPAA compliance.  When you move your systems to the cloud, your hosting provider will help you carry out all of the tasks that are required to ensure regulatory compliance – if they’re truly a HIPAA compliant hosting provider, that is.

When you partner with a fully HIPAA compliant hosting provider, like ByteGrid, you’re also teaming with a full regulatory compliance staff.  We’re helping you adhere to the regulations; you’re showing auditors that you’ve implemented a full culture of compliance throughout your organization.  And of course, we sign BAAs/BACs.

Partner with Sidus BioData today and enjoy the peace of mind that HIPAA compliant hosting offers.