HIPAA Compliance for 2017

Posted by Rebecca Santorios on Jan 9, 2017 10:13:32 AM

HIPAA-Compliance-In-2017.jpgThe New Year is right around the corner.  Time to shake off the cobwebs & set the goals for 2017.  For me, that means setting compliance goals for the year.  An easy place to start is with those high-value items that come to the top every year.  We in regulated industries know that compliance isn’t something you can just do once & forget about, & the new year is a perfect time to look back at lessons learned and to start checking off the base items for this year.

Here’s a short list of HIPAA compliant activities to start off 2017:

Risk Assessments

At ByteGrid, we keep our infrastructure risk assessments updated as part of our standard operating procedures.  We also conduct annual risk assessments to make sure that risk mitigations are functioning as intended, and that we’re adequately addressing changing risk profiles.  Our customers can layer their risk assessments on top of our infrastructure assessment to make sure the full solution is fully addressed, from the infrastructure to the application.

Security Assessment

ByteGrid conducts numerous internal and external audits throughout the year, covering everything from documentation practices to specific regulatory concerns.  Security assessments are a critical part of our audit programs.  In addition to the periodic audits, we also include an annual security assessment that provides a comprehensive, system wide view.  Just as our annual risk assessments support our customer’s risk assessments, our infrastructure security lays the foundation layer for full HIPAA compliance for the system.

Employee Training

It’s well established that people present the greatest security weakness in any system. This extends beyond security, though, into every area of compliance.  Incident reporting is a great example.  You may have top-notch technical staff that can spot an issue and correct it before it becomes a problem.  If they’re not trained to report and document such issues consistently with your policies and procedures, then you’re out of compliance, & all the technical expertise in the world can’t help with that.  You truly cannot train your staff enough. ByteGrid’s ongoing training program helps everyone know the current regulatory expectations and provides refreshers on the basics.  It also gives us another opportunity for continuous improvement.  Our associates understand exactly how their role ties in to ByteGrid’s compliant cloud services, & identify ways that they can add even more value from a compliance standpoint.  Our customers need to provide training within their organizations, but their contract with ByteGrid has them fully covered at the infrastructure level.

ByteGrid leads the industry in HIPAA compliant cloud hosting.  We set the standard for truly compliant hosting that covers every aspect of HIPAA compliant cloud solutions, making your transition into the cloud that much easier.

At ByteGrid we offer a full suite of HIPAA compliant cloud services, including a regulatory assessment to help you understand where you are now & where you can go with ByteGrid.

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