HIPAA Compliant Hosting: What it Means in 2015 So Far

Posted by Rebecca Santorios on January 7, 2016

latest_hipaa_B-01.jpgByteGrid is the leader in HIPAA compliant cloud hosting. We were one of the first datacenters to recognize the need for truly compliant hosting services for critical health care and life science systems. Our sole mission is compliant cloud hosting. For us, HIPAA and GxP compliance aren’t add-ons: It’s what we do. We only offer services that are compliant with HIPAA and GxP requirements.

What’s happened so far in 2015?

There have been 74 reportable breaches submitted this year so far, as posted on the HHS website, and this doesn’t include the widely publicized hacking incident that plagued Anthem. The majority of these were attributed to hacking/IT incidents. Historically, the majority of breaches were due to lost or stolen devices. The prominence of hacking incidents in the first months of this year may indicate a change in this trend, and certainly serve to increase awareness of cybersecurity threats to PHI. At the same time, HITECH regulations and business practices require covered entities to increase their exposure to these threats.

HIPAA compliant cloud hosting offers health care companies the safest way to make their applications accessible online, and in full compliance with HIPAA regulations. Trusting your application to a cloud provider without a HIPAA specialization, even one that touts their security features, is a risky proposition, as the trend for 2015 shows. No company can guarantee protection from a breach, but a truly HIPAA compliant hosting provider can prove to you, and to an auditor, that all of the right precautions have been taken to prevent it, and that this has been done exactly as legally prescribed.

If you do suffer a breach anywhere in your organization, partnering with an accredited HIPAA compliant cloud hostingprovider can help mitigate the damage. HIPAA compliant hosting serves to demonstrate your diligence and commitment to HIPAA compliance, and supports the conclusion that the breach was an isolated incident, not an organization-wide failure to implement the right systems. This is why HIPAA compliant hosting may reduce your risk for further penalties and corrective action costs following a breach. By contrast, if you don’t have a documented assessment of your provider, and if you provider doesn’t have HIPAA-compliant controls in place, it could be perceived as part of a culture of non-compliance that you’ll need to work, and pay, to correct.

Accredited HIPAA Compliant Hosting

ByteGrid is one of only a handful of EHNAC accredited datacenters throughout the world. We’re proud to be one of the first HIPAA hosting providers to really understand and implement a full quality system specifically to ensure HIPAA cloud compliance

Contact us today and enjoy the protection that only comes with truly HIPAA compliant cloud hosting.

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