Important, Yet Under-served Markets Create the Core of BYTEGRID’s Bright Future

Posted by Ken Parent on September 4, 2015

The “primary” markets for data centers are well-established, and were created with good reason. They are in the nation’s leading business and population centers, near the businesses, and customers that those businesses serve.

But surge in application growth and the resulting data center demand provides new opportunities outside of those core data center markets. And the marketplace is rapidly expanding into strategic new locales.

BYTEGRID has responded with data center acquisitions in the following under-served growth markets:

Silver Spring, Maryland: A Tier 3/Tier 4 data center in metropolitan DC that serves as the Ashburn alternative for those seeking an alternative to Northern Virginia data centers. BYTEGRID’s Silver Spring Data Center is the premier wholesale data center in a state with a $300 billion economy and a population of nearly six million. Silver Spring is also ideal for Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative goals of the many federal government entities headquartered in Maryland.

Cleveland, Ohio:
A proven data center property in an attractive market is a great combination of factors, and BYTEGRID has such a facility in Cleveland. Despite being a leader in healthcare and biotech and the home to 22 Fortune 1000 companies, Northeast Ohio has lacked a wholesale data center option. Cleveland is within 500 miles of the headquarters of 56% of the Fortune 500. The BYTEGRID Cleveland Technology Center is an attractive, cost-effective alternative to Chicago for those seeking a data center presence in the Midwest.

Alpharetta, Georgia: A growing, fiber-rich business center just north of Atlanta, Alpharetta is attracting significant new investment in technology, including moves by major employers into the region. BYTEGRID’s Alpharetta data center is fully leased, but a coming expansion provides opportunity for those seeking a strategic locale for an Atlanta-area data center.

Chicago West: The fastest-growing section of the Chicago area is the western suburbs, with the Aurora/Naperville area being a significant tech growth area. While there are numerous of data center options in the Chicago, BYTEGRID’s data center, newly transitioned to a multi-tenant facility after being utilized by a major financial institution, is a truly unique opportunity. Downtown Chicago entities seeking a DR option in the suburbs, as well as Chicago West growth companies, will find the BYTEGRID Aurora/Chicago West Data Center to be perfect for their needs.