Integrated Approach

Posted by Chris Isham on January 7, 2016
The web is so pervasive that it is necessary for all companies and organizations to have a fully developed strategy to utilize the strength of this medium. When a company seeks to develop an effective strategy for the web, it should look at multiple facets.
  1. What are the desired outcomes for this project? Are you driving sales, leads, providing 
  2. blog_integratedapproachcustomer support, dispersing information or other.
  3. What image are you attempting to create?
  4. Are you dependent upon search engine traffic?
  5. How will this project integrate with your current business model?
  6. Who will manage content? Content should change often which gives users a reason to return.
  7. Many other considerations


ByteGrid has executed hundreds of web projects. We have a vertical structure that allows our customers to have a streamlined and integrated approach for designhosting, application development and marketing.

We understand that each project is unique, but shared characteristics with other organizations. We have the experience to make this process very efficient and always focus on driving the positive outcomes.