Most Common Acronyms in Tech: The Breakdown

Posted by Chris Isham on January 7, 2016

There is a learning curve for people who are just entering the tech industry or those who work with people in the tech industry. It can be a report or a discussion; there are a lot of acronyms thrown around. After reading this you will be able to catch some of these acronyms. Hey, if nothing else I’ve been told these are great at parties.

1. CMS = Content Management System

What Is It? A dashboard in which people who are not web designers or programmers, manage almost every aspect of a website.

Who Uses It? You! A lot of companies and individuals use this to manage and edit basic aspects of their individual website. These aspects include low level design work, simple updates, and other simple tasks.

2. CDN = Content Delivery Network

What Is It? A geographically dispersed network of hosted servers holding copies of media. The geographic range of the servers allows media to be served to users around the world as if they were just around the corner from your data center.

Who Uses It? Web entities with global audiences who need to maintain a consistent experience across the world without building data centers all over the world.

3. FTP = File Transfer Protocol

What Is It? A program that allows you to easily move files from one computer to another.

Who Uses It? Generally, used by web designers and others who need to move large sets of files between computers or hosted servers.

4. API= Application Programming Interface

What Is It? A system that lets developers build customized functionality into pre-built software.

Who Uses It? Many companies use APIs for single-sign-on capabilities and to tailor CRM software to their specific business needs.

5. SaaS = Software as a Service

What Is It? Software as a Service offers the users the opportunity to access expensive or complex software without the burden of buying licenses, installs, and updating. A hosting provider is employed to maintain all of the backend processes allowing users to access the needed software on demand.

Who Uses It? Businesses wanting to offload maintenance of a specific software application. The application is readily available for end-users and the install, maintenance, and updates are handled by the SaaS provider. SaaS is a popular option for resource-heavy applications, like Microsoft Exchange and CRM software.

6. PaaS = Platform as a service

What Is It? Provides the computing platform from which businesses can build, test, and launch applications. Typical PaaS deployments involve Windows, Linux, or Python and handle everything up to application layer, leaving the IT team to handle the application-level tasks without worrying about the underlying platform maintenance.

Who Uses It? Developers looking for an easy way to code or test applications on different platforms without deploying hardware and software.

7. IaaS = Infrastructure as a Service

What Is It? Infrastructure as a Service gives companies the pleasure of off loading their entire server farm to a hosting company or other third-party provider. The provider is then responsible for maintaining the servers, patching, and backups.

Who Uses It? Companies with large infrastructure needs but who lack the IT resources and capital to invest.

8. TGIF= Thank God It’s Friday

What is It? Somewhat self-explanatory, but it is an expression used to show joy that it is currently Friday. Celebration of Freedom!

Who Uses It? Everyone! Correction, anyone who is knowledgeable of the phrase and works hard during the week.

Well, hope this helped and spread the word!