Benefits of Using a HIPAA Compliant Cloud Company

Posted by Chris Isham on Aug 10, 2017 9:08:00 AM

Cloud technologies have helped many industries, including healthcare, with flexibility scalability, and cost benefits. But the biggest concern for healthcare organizations involves the security and privacy of patient information. A HIPAA compliant cloud company can help you gain technological and business advantages while protecting patient information. 

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Best Practices for HIPAA Hosting Companies

Posted by Chris Isham on Aug 4, 2017 9:05:00 AM

All healthcare organizations and their HIPAA hosting company know the high stakes of complying with federal regulations. Any non-conformance can cost you dearly regarding monetary fines and market good will. 

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Who Needs GxP Compliant Hosting?

Posted by Chris Isham on Aug 3, 2017 6:06:06 PM

Companies that operate within regulated industries such as pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical devices face stringent regulatory requirements with which they need to comply. The purpose of GxP guidelines is to ensure that products in regulated industries such as drugs, food, medical devices, and cosmetics are safe, meet their intended use, and adhere to quality processes during manufacturing control, storage, and distribution.

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Who Needs HIPAA Compliant Hosting

Posted by Chris Isham on Aug 3, 2017 5:59:03 PM

HIPAA compliance is one of the most well-known governmentacts among the general public.

The nature of the information is personal and sensitive, and the enforcement of obtaining signatures on the Acknowledgement of Receipt of HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices from everyone receiving care defines the protections in place to safeguard patient data. 

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Data Center Solutions for Financial Services

Posted by Chris Isham on Jul 31, 2017 9:52:00 AM

The financial services industry includes banks, credit unions, insurance companies, investment firms, and securities brokerages. Although these organizations may market different products and services, they have a major goal in common: to provide the highest level of protection for every financial transaction. 

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Compliant Hosting Solutions for Financial Institutions

Posted by Rich Gavaghen on Jul 27, 2017 9:45:00 AM

How can you ensure your data center delivers financial-grade performance? Which compliant hosting solutions will best address the challenges your financial institution faces? 

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How to Maintain PCI-DSS Compliance Within Your Host Environment

Posted by Chris Isham on Jul 25, 2017 9:10:00 AM

If you handle sensitive credit card data, you must comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS). PCI-DSS compliant hosting solutions can help you achieve compliance without requiring massive capital outlays to build a company-owned data center. 

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Is Your Financial Service Firm Ready for Cloud Computing?

Posted by Chris Isham on Jul 21, 2017 9:11:00 AM

Cloud computing adoption in the financial services industry lacks uniformity. In a recent report published by the Cloud Security Alliance, six out of 10 financial institutions have only begun to develop a cloud strategy. Some financial institutions, especially large firms, host part of their IT infrastructure and applications in the cloud, while others are dead-set against implementing any cloud policies. 

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How to Choose a Compliant Colocation Hosting Provider

Posted by Chris Isham on Jul 19, 2017 9:07:00 AM

As the fast-growing data center category in the industry, colocation hosting experienced a 22% increase in the number of facilities between 2012 and 2016. This significant growth rate entices a greater number of service providers to enter the market. The fierce competition provides more choices and drives service providers to enhance their service offerings. While battling for market share, service providers remain focused on differentiating their solutions. 

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Ensuring Your Hosting Solution is SSAE 16 Compliant

Posted by Chris Isham on Jul 18, 2017 9:09:00 AM

When outsourcing data center services, you need to know your service provider has incorporated the proper internal controls to comply with regulatory standards. Completing the Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements (SSAE) No. 16 audit confirms your provider offers an SSAE 16 compliant hosting solution. SSAE 16 compliance ensures a reliable and secure operating environment. 

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