The Changing Face of Sales-Leaseback

Posted by Todd Ellsworth on September 4, 2015

ByteGrid is an organization built to create solutions. Unlike some providers, we understand when it comes to meeting your data center needs, one size does not fit all. Meeting your ever-changing operational requirements takes more than just a pre-packaged product. Instead, a flexible, solutions-oriented mindset is required to help you find the ideal answer to your specific data center challenges.

At ByteGrid, we understand that there are many reasons to transition away from data center ownership:

  • Mitigating the risk of ownership.
  • The desire to monetize your data center.
  • Ever-changing future requirements, and the financial and operational hazards of inaccurate forecasting.
  • The desire to concentrate on core business operations and leave data center operations to an organization that focuses on critical systems.
  • Reducing the impact of significant capital expenditures like data center builds, expansions, or equipment refresh, preferring to transition to more predictable operational expenses instead.
  • Data center migration, consolidation or expansion.
  • M&A uncertainty.
  • Many, many other unique circumstances.

This just scratches the surface of the factors data center ownership moving forward. There are dozens of other unique situations that can and do impact your decisions on data center ownership moving forward.

Your data center needs require a combination of both operational and real estate acumen, and neither are in short supply at ByteGrid. We are a company staffed both in management and on the front lines with professionals that have met unique needs for both real estate and technology solutions across a broad range of industries, including government.

We welcome an opportunity to discuss your specific evolving needs and changing requirements.