The Greater Good

Posted by Rebecca Santorios on January 7, 2016

A few weeks ago, ByteGrid exhibited at the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization’s Leadership Conference in Washington DC.  There I was, telling every person that walked by the story about how Sidus helped Hospice of the Chesapeake (HOC) eliminate their IT infrastructure and move their operations to a private cloud in our HIPAA Regulated Annapolis-based Datacenter.  I told them that they, too, could get rid of their servers and make the move to the cloud and discussed how money could be saved by moving from an unpredictable capex model to a predictable opex model.  The response…you guessed it…almost everyone looked at me with the same blank expression and either asked me to explain what cloud hosting was, or just took my free mints, my one page handout and kept on walking.

I knew I had to change my pitch, and fast.

Then something amazing happened. HOC IT Director and Chaplain, John Rothamel, visited our booth to say hi.  This friendly “hello” soon turned into an important lesson in selling.  John stuck around for the next two hours and proceeded to provide a first hand case study to almost every person who walked up to the Sidus booth.  I noticed that everyone was listening intently as he evangelized our company - telling anybody who would listen what a difference we made and how much we helped the HOC achieve their goals.  Watching John talk with his Hospice peers made me realize what I was doing wrong.  I was selling my model as a way of cutting costs and making things easier for IT departments.  John was instead talking about Hospice’s mission and about how, thanks to Sidus, HOC nurses were now able to sync up to get the most updated patient information without leaving the bedside.  What I had forgotten was that my audience wasn't a bunch of CFO's and CIO's, these were people who had chosen to provide end of life care to those who really needed it.  These people truly understand their mission and want to help and care for people in their last days.  What they needed to hear was that ByteGrid’s Compliant Cloud Hosting can help Hospice organizations do their jobs more efficiently and effectively so as to best serve those in need.  I was surrounded by amazing, selfless people and I felt humbled.

I feel truly privileged that my job at ByteGrid affords me the opportunity to work with so many clients and partners who are making a difference in the world.  Sometimes as a salesperson you have to take a step back and say to yourself, am I providing real value?  Is what I am selling contributing to the greater good?  Well, thanks to John and amazing caregivers and staff at the Hospice of the Chesapeake, I won't be asking myself those questions for a while.

On a side note, if anyone reading this is looking for a way to donate or volunteer in their community, I urge you to contact your local Hospice and ask how you can help. Whether you are giving your time or your money, it’s a fantastic way to help affect someone else’s life in a positive way.