The Importance of HIPAA Compliant Cloud Backup

Posted by Chris Isham on Feb 8, 2017 4:16:10 PM

The Importance of HIPAA Compliant Cloud Backup.jpgOrganizations in the healthcare industry are feeling the pressure to utilize new technologies to keep up with both federal mandates for protected health information (PHI) and to provide the best care possible to patients. One key service built on cutting edge technology is the use of the cloud for backup purposes. While it’s crucial to back up your PHI so nothing important gets lost, you need to ensure your cloud backup solution is HIPAA compliant.

Outsourcing your cloud backup

While some companies choose to build and manage their own data center to back up their PHI, many companies turn to outsourced cloud backup providers for backup storage. When you outsource your cloud backup, you’re simply using a data center provider’s facility with dedicated electronic storage space for information and computing. It is the facility’s responsibility to store your PHI and keep it safe and secure. 

Choose a cloud backup provider that’s HIPAA compliant

There are HIPAA compliant cloud backup providers who meet federal requirements. In particular, a cloud backup provider should provide the following:

  • Limited access to the physical building of the data center. Only persons with keys or access codes should be able to enter.
  • Policies and protocols in place covering the use, transfer, storage, and disposal of your PHI.
  • Password protected PHI that’s encrypted.
  • Secure transmission and storage of PHI in the cloud.

Benefits of outsourcing your cloud backup

The major benefit is the cost savings of not purchasing expensive hardware, building your own data center, and maintaining and monitoring the infrastructure and the facility. In addition, here are a few benefits that sweeten the pot:

  • A HIPAA compliant cloud backup provider stays up to date with rapidly changing technology. This includes updating equipment and security protocols.
  • You get tighter security in a HIPAA compliant cloud backup solution thanks to teams of highly experienced and skilled technicians, engineers, and specialists who are current on threats, hackers, and viruses.
  • Cloud providers have systems in place and reliable equipment that can immediately restore your PHI if lost. This not only saves time and money by eliminating downtime, but ensures business continuity and patient care services.

Where to get more information

ByteGrid is offering a comprehensive guide to help you answer the question “Why You Should Consider HIPAA Compliant Cloud Hosting.” It points out the advantages healthcare organizations can realize when they move to a cloud solution, and it covers the major benefits that a fully HIPAA compliant cloud hosting provider will afford your organization.

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