The New Year

Posted by Chris Isham on January 7, 2016

Data, Data, Data! This is the mantra for 2012. The best part is the cost to manage this data has fallen drastically over the past 5 years.

Cloud Computing will accelerate the effective and efficient management of data for the coming years.

Cloud computingIn 1985, I accepted a position as the Team Leader of a programming team for Annapolis Research Associates, Inc. We were writing programs for Random House in Turbo Pascal. All programming was done with a 64k compiling limit. I was working on a 5 1/4 floppy drive 8086 PC.

I remember that I received an IBM XT within a year. My immediate thought was, "WOW, a 10 Meg Hard Drive, what will I do with all of this space!"

After loading all of my programs and tools, I had 7 Mb Remaining.

Now I have a 8 GB micro SD card in my Blackberry.

Data is exploding! The need for affordable and quality storage will be an important component for every business in 2012.

The ByteGrid Cloud was created to respond to this need.

Happy New Year!