The Single Biggest Factor in Choosing a HIPAA Compliant Hosting Provider

Posted by Rebecca Santorios on January 7, 2016

HIPAA compliant hosting has so many benefits, its no wonder that healthcare companies are are turning to this platform for their data management needs.

The search for a partner can be daunting, though. Your first search could return a unmanageably long list of data centers claiming to offer HIPAA compliant hosting. But while a company may market themselves as HIPAA compliant, very few can make this claim truthfully.

So how can you make sure you choose a truly HIPAA compliant hosting provider? The single biggest indicator that a company can consistently provide all of the services that you need for HIPAA compliance is experience.

Why Experience Matters

A company's history is proof of their quality. There's no better way a company can back up their claim of providing HIPAA compliant hosting than hard evidence that they've already been found complaint – time and time again.

Don't overlook the fact that HIPAA compliance means more than just data encryption and logical security. The regulations also require a provider to develop meaningful procedures and thorough documentation in order to achieve full compliance. It can take years for a company to develop a robust system to meet these requirements. You'll only get this from an experienced HIPAA compliant hosting provider.

Look for Proof


Find out how often a host has been audited, and what the results were. An experienced provider will have been found compliant over multiple third party audits against the OCR audit protocol


An EHNAC certification offers further evidence that a company can truly provide HIPAA compliant hosting. The Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission (EHNAC) is an independent, federally recognized, standards development organization designed to improve transactional quality, operational efficiency and data security in healthcare, and this certification gives you assurance that your partner has achieved regulatory compliance


Talk to your potential partner about their quality system. Most data centers won't have a quality manual or quality policies, but an experienced provider will have a robust, well-documented system, and they'll be able to tell you in detail how their procedures satisfy the specific requirements of the HIPAA HITECH regulations


HIPAA regulations require documented evidence of training. Even if a company claims to train their personnel, check how well this training is documented. The documentation does more than offer proof to you – its required by the regulations, and without it, a provider can't be HIPAA compliant


An experienced provider will have a team of experts continuously working to ensure compliance with current regulatory requirements. Find out about their credentials, ask about their experience – does it extend beyond a few years? An experienced provider's compliance team will be recognized for their expertise, and their advice will be sought even by those who've not yet moved to the cloud.

No amount of research can substitute for years of interaction with regulatory agencies. Nor can a newcomer to healthcare IT offer the same expertise that comes only from successfully serving healthcare companies, over and over again. A high level of satisfaction from those customers also serves as proof to you that the company can do what it claims – provide true HIPAA compliant hosting.

ByteGrid is the leader in HIPAA compliant hosting. No other IT provider has as thorough a mastery of the requirements for full regulatory compliance. Contact us today and let us show you the difference experience makes.