Trends in Managed Cloud Hosting Services

Posted by Chris Isham on May 15, 2017 9:15:00 AM

Managed cloud hosting services is a strategy being adopted by more and more successful healthcare companies and large enterprises in 2017. Companies realize the advantages of turning to managed cloud services to free IT staff’s time and allow them to focus attention on core business functions.

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CEO Perspective: Is Quality Management a critical element of compliance?

Posted by Michael Duckett on Mar 13, 2017 9:00:00 AM

As the CEO of a company focused on providing highly secure, compliant services, it is somewhat astonishing to me that there are companies in our industry that do not truly understand and, as a result underestimate what it takes to be capable of providing true regulatory compliance.

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HIPAA Compliance for 2017

Posted by Rebecca Santorios on Jan 9, 2017 10:13:32 AM

The New Year is right around the corner.  Time to shake off the cobwebs & set the goals for 2017.  For me, that means setting compliance goals for the year.  An easy place to start is with those high-value items that come to the top every year.  We in regulated industries know that compliance isn’t something you can just do once & forget about, & the new year is a perfect time to look back at lessons learned and to start checking off the base items for this year.

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OCR Guidance on HIPAA & Cloud Computing

Posted by Rebecca Santorios on Dec 6, 2016 9:26:56 AM

In October, the HHS Office of Civil Rights (OCR), announced the release of their guidance on HIPAA and cloud computing.  The guidance clarifies some of the requirements for health organizations that want to make use of the cloud.  Here are some highlights:

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How to Identify Compliant Cloud Hosting

Posted by Chris Isham on Aug 16, 2016 1:00:00 PM

How confident are you that your compliant cloud hosting solution is GxP compliant? If you’re using a big box data center and you’re not 100 percent certain that your solution is compliant, you need to read a new e-Book by ByteGrid, The Trustworthy Guide to the Compliant Datacenter

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Designing a Seamlessly Compliant Cloud System

Posted by Rebecca Santorios on Jul 28, 2016 10:58:41 AM

In this blog, we’ll go over some of the main points to consider when partnering with a GxP or HIPAA compliant hosting provider, to help you make sure that you close any compliance gaps.

ByteGrid is the leader in GxP and HIPAA compliant hosting.  As we’ve said before, compliance isn’t an add-on for us.  You don’t have to try to rewrite industry standards to partner with us, since we’ve built our systems based on well-studied, established practices.  We don’t need a fancy white paper trying to convince someone that compliance isn’t necessary for us because we’re so big.  Compliant cloud hosting is what we do.  It’s our whole reason for being.

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