Validated Hosting: Us versus Them

Posted by Rebecca Santorios on January 7, 2016

Are you looking for space, processing powering, uptime, elasticity, security, data integrity, and regulatory accountability and compliance? If so, you should starting looking for a TRUE validated cloud hosting provider. Unless you work for GE it's pretty unlikely that you'll be able to convince Amazon or Google to qualify their hardware and systems for HIPAA/HITECH or FDA Compliance.  Will they sign a business associate agreement?   Unlikely.  Further, it's highly improbable that they’d support you in time of an audit.   Amazon and Google offer great services but they are simply not tailored to the regulated industries.  For about the same price, you can enjoy all of the benefits of an Amazon or Google while also enjoying peace of mind.   ByteGrid has invested the time and resources to fully qualify their Datacenter and Cloud while creating an EHNAC audited Quality System that is second to none.  

Look no further for a validated hosting provider – ByteGrid is the key to peace of mind.