We are GXP hosting…. We are ByteGrid

Posted by Rebecca Santorios on January 7, 2016

Your Headache

You are a Software Development house, for the last few years you've been providing superior software to the GxP regulated Life Science community. You've jumped over all of the regulatory hurdles, built 21 CFR Part 11 configurable signature and audit trails into your applications. GxP compliance is in your DNA, but more and more your customers are drifting from the traditional bricks and mortar server architecture. They're trimming their physical spaces, reducing their IT headcount and somewhere, out of nowhere, an Executive wants everything in the cloud and they want it yesterday.

Your competitors are offering hosted architecture or perhaps complete SaaS solutions, you know you have to change your model, but where do you start?

Ahh, Relief

The answer is simple, out of the box, was ready to go yesterday and is ready to go today - ByteGrid. We are the leader in GxP hosting. Not because we say we are but because our customers do, because after countless GxP audits, hours of drilling our team, and our relentless efforts to maintain compliance - we are ready right now to be your partner, to transfer your business model, and to provide you with a competitive edge that takes the strengths of your product and delivers a locked down fully qualified 21 CFR Part 11 GxP compliant environment.

As long as your customers have an internet connection they have access to the most advanced GxP delivery platform in the country - high technology meets real compliance expertise. Our datacenter is trusted by the Federal Government, by the State of Maryland, and by Life Science companies of all shapes and sizes. Don't take our word for it, go ahead and audit us; we are ready. The only thing standing between offering your software as a hosted GxP platform or SaaS is a phone call or an email to our knowledgeable team.

Other Questions?

Not sure if you've ticked all the boxes on the SDLC side? No worries, our Regulatory Assurance team can help evaluate and remediate to ensure that you are ready for your customers, regulators and most importantly the patients who rely on your technology.

True GxP compliance isn't once and done, it's not an IQ here or an OQ there, it's fully fledged Quality System that rivals the largest Pharma Company or CRO, it's a fully qualified facility, a validated cloud solution, and a staff - from the NOC technicians to the CTO who are fully trained and live and breathe GxP every single day.

We are ByteGrid, we are GxP compliant, and we are ready to host your platform - today.

For more information contact one of our knowledgeable team members today.