Which Cloud Providers are HIPAA Compliant?

Posted by Rebecca Santorios on January 18, 2017

WCP_1-01.jpgByteGrid is the world’s first cloud hosting provider to be certified for HIPAA compliance under the EHNAC OSAP accreditation program.  We’re #1 in HIPAA compliant hosting, because we’ve been committed to HIPAA compliance from day 1. 

EHNAC lists accredited HIPAA cloud hosting providers on their website.  Look for datacenters that have the OSAP Data Center accreditation.  You won’t find many, and there’s a reason:  It takes more than a set of servers and SSL certificates to achieve real HIPAA compliance.  There are extensive controls required to make sure that a cloud solution is HIPAA compliant from top to bottom.  Without this assurance, you’re at risk for failing an OCR audit, or worse, suffering a breach. 

If a breach were to occur at your organization, even if it’s not due to your cloud systems, you can expect your IT systems to be scrutinized.  HIPAA compliant cloud hosting helps minimize the damages after a breach by proving that you already have systems in place to protect private records.  The penalties imposed by the HHS will be harsher if you can’t show that you’ve done all you could to prevent the breach in the first place.  HIPAA compliant hosting reduces your liability in the event a breach does occur.  Add a documented HIPAA risk assessment and HIPAA system qualification for each of your electronic systems, and you’re reducing the risk of a breach and audit findings even further.

Our mission at ByteGrid is to provide a truly compliant IT infrastructure for health and life science companies.  We know firsthand the challenges that regulated companies face and most organizations struggle to understand what the regulatory requirements really mean in terms of actual IT systems implementation.  We put our experience and expertise to work to make IT infrastructure management easier, and more importantly, more compliant and robust, for regulated companies.  We built our datacenter for HIPAA compliance.  We know of no other datacenter that can make this claim.  At ByteGrid, we’ve integrated our standard-setting HIPAA compliance processes with financial-grade datacenters, giving you unmatched security and privacy controls.

Get started with truly compliant HIPAA cloud hosting.  Contact ByteGrid today.