Why All Private Cloud Hosting Companies Are Not Created Equal.

Posted by Chris Isham on September 3, 2015

If you're ready to take advantage of the benefits of private cloud hosting, make sure you choose the right provider. There's no shortage of companies out there looking for your IT business, but there are few providers strong enough to really give you the service you need.


You wouldn't dream of running your critical servers on anything less than enterprise grade infrastructure, but there are plenty of companies out there who are doing just that. Take a good look at a private cloud hosting provider's data center before entrusting them with your systems. They should have state-of-the art hardware and software, robust environmental controls, and reliable physical security, too.


"Cloud" doesn't automatically mean "unlimited space". In order to accommodate your needs now and as your business grows, your provider needs to have a capacity plan to make sure they keep their infrastructure updated. Many providers are anxious to sign up as many clients as possible, without consideration of resource availability and the time necessary to expand.

Be sure and ask your provider how they'll ensure you get the the resources you need. Find out how they monitor their systems' performance, and how they can respond to rapid increases in usage. They should already have processes in place to address capacity concerns. With the right plans in place, they can scale up your servers on demand and keep them running. Without that, you're likely to get bogged down.

Backup and Security

Data protection is the foremost concern of any company considering private cloud hosting. Less reputable providers may have weak security, and they probably will not offer off-site data backup. This increases your company's risk of catastrophic data loss. A proven cloud hosting company will have a full time technical staff focused on data security. Make sure your solution includes solid backup procedures and a comprehensive disaster recovery plan.


You want to move to private cloud hosting to achieve better business efficiency, but you won't achieve that if your team can't access your system when they need it. Not all providers are willing to guarantee a high level of availability. Look for a contractual agreement to ensure >99% availability for your system.

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