ByteGrid's Chicago Data Center raises the bar for data security in the windy city

Posted by Annie Eissler on August 27, 2018

In this post, learn how CHI, ByteGrid's Chicago/Aurora data center, provides the security, reliability, and scalability you need to host your company's most valuable asset - your data.

As the third largest city in the nation, it's no surprise Chicago has been recognized as a leading tech hub for enterprises and startups alike. It's led to a push for reliable, secure Chicago data centers and companies like ByteGrid are stepping up their game to offer competitive Chicago colocation environments and cloud hosting that companies can trust.

Chicago cloud hosting not far from the city center

CHI, ByteGrid's state-of-the-art Chicago/Aurora data hosting facility, is conveniently located just 30 miles west of downtown Chicago on a five-acre secured campus. It spans 70,000 ft² (including 34,000 ft² of raised floor space) and is easily accessible from both O'Hare and Midway International airports. This facility was designed to meet the security and high availability needs of a major, publicly-traded financial institution, including multiple carrier options, approximately 6mw of utility power, 2N UPS power with N+1 mechanical systems, and a large burn-in test secure room with generous secure customer storage.

CHI is a Tier-III data center that offers compliance with PCI, HIPAA HITECH, and other industry standards. Providing top-notch security for Chicago cloud hosting, you can rest assured your data will be safe with 24/7 onsite security and additional data protection layers in place.

Storage options like Chicago colocation, virtual private cloud and more

ByteGrid offers a number of storage options at the Chicago data center including colocation, community cloud, virtual private cloud, dedicated private cloud, or hybrid cloud, with the flexibility to switch from colocation to managed cloud services while you're in-contract. Our flexible leasing model allows you to achieve an affordable total cost of occupancy (TCO) and scale up as your needs for additional space or power grow.

A state-of-the-art Chicago data center

CHI has state-of-the-art electrical and mechanical systems to provide concurrently maintainable environments that support mission-critical, enterprise-scale data center requirements. Our ultra compliant hosting services are designed for “financial grade” use and provide the flexibility, agility, and resilience to support a variety of IT infrastructure solutions for healthcare, life sciences, financial and other companies that are subject to US and EU regulations. Added bonus - if you're looking for technical office space, you can find that here too.

If you're searching for a new or replacement Chicago data center that provides the security, reliability, and scalability you need to succeed, look no further than CHI.