How to Choose a Managed Cloud Solutions Provider

Posted by ByteGrid Admin on December 5, 2017

Bytegrid_DecHUBB-Blog-Managed-Cloud-Solutions-ver1a.jpgChoosing a managed cloud solution provider is a different process for every company. While there are numerous companies that offer managed services, the first consideration should be what exactly you need from a cloud provider. You must clearly understand your requirements before beginning the research phase.

Once you are clear on your needs, it is equally important to research the qualifications, services, facilities, and reputation of each managed cloud solution provider you are considering. Some cloud providers will offer managed cloud solutions that others do not. Likewise, if you are in a heavily regulated industry like healthcare or life sciences, it is critical to complete a thorough review of their compliance competencies, certifications, and accreditations, as well as their audit reports.

ByteGrid offers unmatched quality management and change management processes necessary for certain industry regulations. We specialize in healthcare and life sciences and meet the highest levels of compliance guidelines. We have numerous long-term customers in these segments. We are completely transparent and readily provide audit reports conducted by third-party organizations.

The managed cloud solution offerings, of course, are key in determining whether a managed services provider is a good match for your company. In addition to compute, storage, network, and operating systems monitoring, you may need additional managed services to meet your needs. ByteGrid offers managed cloud solutions for company-specific applications as well as the following managed services:


  • Compliance - we offer several managed compliance services in three key categories: Continuous Auditing, Asset Discovery and Monitoring, and Reporting and Audit Support.


  • Security - by partnering with the top cybersecurity companies in the world, ByteGrid offers a complete managed security service including threat detection and prevention such as, cutting edge analytics, USM, firewalls and DDoS protection..


  • Disaster Recovery - for mission-critical data where the Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and the Recovery Time Objective (RTO) are in minutes, ByteGrid offers a compressive replication-based solution. If the data is not as critical and the RPO and RTO are longer, we offer comprehensive data protection services. ByteGrid's DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) enables you to recover with a minimum RPO for all tiers.


  • Object Storage - instantly access self-service storage capacity that scales up as you need it. ByteGrid's Object Storage is a scalable, secure, cost-effective storage solution for large quantities of data — including unstructured data.

Do not forget the basics of qualifying a managed cloud solutions provider. Separate from managed cloud solutions, you want to be sure you are working with a credible, reputable company. Carefully evaluate each of the following criteria when selecting your cloud hosting provider:

  • High-Availability
  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Backup
  • Support
  • Monitoring
  • Cloud Capacity

For more information on managed cloud hosting solutions and selecting a managed cloud hosting provider, read the article: “Not All Cloud Hosting Providers are Created Equal.”

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