Not All Cloud Hosting Providers are Created Equal

Posted by ByteGrid Admin on December 27, 2017

Bytegrid_DecHUB-Managed-Cloud-Hosting-Providers-ver1a_preview.jpegAs the reliability and confidence rate of hosted cloud services has improved over the last decade, so has the number of new hosted cloud service offerings. Based on your requirements, however, you can now choose from public cloud, private cloud, virtual private cloud, managed cloud, managed hybrid cloud, or colocation. There are valid reasons to choose any one of these options depending on your needs.

This article highlights the benefits of choosing private cloud hosting over the more traditional public cloud option. Typically, organizations choose private cloud services when they have specific requirements for one of the following:

Performance – if you have a mission-critical application that must run at top-speed without interruption or delay, private cloud services enable you to build an efficient infrastructure that virtually eliminates concerns of downtime. This is true because in a private cloud you dictate exactly what hardware you need and ensure that only your business uses it.

Security – for highly confidential or proprietary data or applications, private cloud services provide more security options than ever before.

Flexibility – private cloud services enable you to quickly spin up or tear down virtual machines and allow for enhanced management of hardware resources that can be deployed in minutes. This is important when there is a need to build and configure your infrastructure to accommodate specific applications.

Location – with private cloud services you will know exactly where your data is located, which is a necessity for companies that have requirements around where their data can be stored i.e. US-based locations vs. international locations.

For more information on private cloud services and tips for choosing the right cloud hosting provider for your business, read the article: “Evaluating Private Cloud Hosting Providers.

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