Outsource IT Solutions for HIPAA Compliance

Posted by ByteGrid Admin on May 19, 2010

Last February, President Obama signed into law the $19.2 billion Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act to accelerate the process of digitizing electronic health records (EHR) in the United States.  Under this law, hospitals and healthcare professionals who demonstrate “meaningful use” of a certified EHR by the year 2015 will become eligible to receive millions of federal dollars in incentive payments, and those who do not comply could be penalized.  In addition, healthcare organizations must comply with related security and privacy requirements. This has proven both a powerful motivator and source of great concern for many healthcare professionals across the country.  

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Experienced, Expert Operations and Engineering Key Maximum Data Center Uptime

Posted by Eric Daniels on April 15, 2010

ByteGrid’s compliance-grade data centers have been specifically designed and engineered for resilience, redundancy, and high-availability. Importantly, the company has a staff to match the quality of their facilities. Many data center providers have inexperienced “techs” handling core duties of your data center operations. At ByteGrid, we understand the quality of your employees is of equal importance to the quality of your engineering when it comes to your data center operations.

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