What to Look for in a Compliant Hosting Services Provider

Posted by ByteGrid Admin on November 8, 2017

Finding the best option for hosting your business systems and data can be a challenge. How do you know if you are choosing the best compliant hosting services possible for your business? Let’s look at a few of the top managed services you should require from your compliant hosting services provider:

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Advantages of GxP Compliant Hosting Services

Posted by ByteGrid Admin on November 7, 2017

Many organizations have migrated to outsourced hosting services. But if your company operates in a regulated industry, such as life sciences, you face unique challenges with this model. The chance of a data breach, invasion of privacy or loss of control can make you think twice about relying on a third-party service.

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What You Need to Know about HIPAA and Hitech Compliant Hosting

Posted by ByteGrid Admin on November 3, 2017

While there is no such thing as a HIPAA compliance certification, it is important that you look in detail at your compliant hosting provider’s capabilities to determine if they are qualified to host your data. As a healthcare organization, and a Covered Entity (CE), for purposes of HIPAA compliance, you are responsible for the security and protection of your patients’ electronic personal health information (ePHI).

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The Importance of Data Center Compliance for HIPAA and GxP Applications

Posted by ByteGrid Admin on October 30, 2017

Healthcare and life sciences companies have some of the most demanding requirements for availability, confidentiality, integrity, and security of data and electronic protected health information (ePHI). Considering the proprietary and personal nature of the healthcare and life sciences industries, it can be catastrophic if there is a breach, compromised data, or security attack against an organization.

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Data Center Regulatory Compliance Requires Focus and Expertise

Posted by ByteGrid Admin on October 27, 2017

Data center regulatory compliance requires a complex set of policies and procedures be put in place, documented, maintained, and executed by highly trained personnel 24 x 7 x 365. These compliance requirements extend to your data center provider who must follow the same high level of regulations as your company. It is crucially important to consider the data center partner you choose carefully to be sure they have appropriate staff, facilities, and policies in place to eliminate costly risk to your company’s reputation.

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Ensuring Data Center Services are HIPAA Compliant

Posted by ByteGrid Admin on October 25, 2017

Take full advantage of working with your data center by engaging in managed services. These data center services provide great value and give you the confidence that things like security and disaster recovery are being handled by professionals for your protection and under HIPAA compliant guidelines.

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Best Practices for GxP Compliant Data Centers

Posted by ByteGrid Admin on October 23, 2017

Within life sciences organizations, each compliance activity is implemented based on the product type and country in which products are sold. Businesses operating in this industry must ensure whatever technology, systems, and infrastructure used in GxP activities are developed, validated, and operated appropriately for the intended purpose.

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Reduce Risk with this Data Center Compliance Checklist

Posted by ByteGrid Admin on October 17, 2017

There can be significant risk involved in opting to have a data center host your company data if you do not do your homework. Specifically, for companies in regulated industries, it is critical to know the requirements under which you must operate, and qualify your data center vendor to be sure they are fully compliant with the standards in your industry.

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Data Center Services: Verifying GxP Compliance

Posted by ByteGrid Admin on October 17, 2017

Standards, protocols, and regulations are customary in the life sciences industry. An organization must depend on the provider's GxP compliant data center services and underlying infrastructure to ensure complete compliance. Your provider's capabilities must withstand any audit and offer the evidence required for a validated infrastructure.

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Security Requirements for a GxP Compliant Data Center

Posted by ByteGrid Admin on October 16, 2017

GxP compliance has very clearly documented requirements. Be aware, however, that not all data centers follow them. This is an important distinction for life sciences companies that must maintain compliance not only at their site, but at their data center provider’s sites as well.

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